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A Slow Day

Traveling, or 'touring' as most sex workers call it is a financial risk. You have to put money in, to get money back. If things go well you get a decent financial return for that risk you took. If things go poorly you're left with debt and that can put future touring at risk.

There's an astronomical list of things that can go wrong, but the most common problem is a lack of bookings. You wake up and hope you've had potential clients email while you were asleep, nope. So you try to stay hopeful and decide to get ready and stay close by just in case you get a last minute request. At the end of the day you've had nothing but a couple of time wasters, and if you're lucky, a tentative booking for the next day.

Not all is lost but the inside of your mind is an ugly thing in the meanwhile. Picking yourself apart, blaming, second guessing, and questioning yourself. It is usually a rough time mentally and today was no exception for me. I did try to distract myself and be productive by working on my website even more.

I am learning about SEO because my successful friends have sworn by it. Yesterday I learned that websites that are updated more regularly get push up in the search. I've got a backlog of images to put titles and descriptions on, and I need to learn more about meta data. Oh and blogs help the SEO as well, as long as you include certain key words such as Seattle escort, girlfriend experience, alternative escort, or nerdy escort. Look at me double dipping.

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